Are online casinos rigged?

I have just read a blog post about an online casino that was apparently rigged. Its an interesting read. Crooks in the Online Casino Industry.

This guy was hired to audit an online casino so their software could be certified. The Blackjack and Casino games were fine but the craps game looked a bit funny so further investigation was needed.

Having spoke with the developer, he confirmed that there was a rouge/ cheat mode built in to the casino software. This was put in at the request of some of the casinos. The key points from the developer were,


When the author confronted the owner of the software company, he that everyone is at it and you have to do it in the business. Quite a profound statement. if true.

The author doesn’t mention the casino software but others have dug around and think they have found out the rogue software operator forum. Fortunately, its not one of the major players. I never heard of them before.

The likes of Microgaming and Playtech are certified so no really need to worry. If you stick to the big branded casinos they all use software that has been audited and certified as fair. Its one of the conditions of being regulated in many jurisdictions.

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  1. online casinos says:

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  2. Evie Rose says:

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  4. David Graham says:

    This software definitely has the progression sensor in it as I have played the Roulette game using the free game mode betting two dozens. I have always been able to win about $40 on a ten dollar initial bet when the software kicks in and takes it all back. I have tried depositing $200 and got to $195 with the same affect. If you are betting red black, if you bet red it results black and so on till you are busted after having let you win. I am an engineer and have studied statistics and while playing dozens on the middle and last dozen while the first dozen was hitting, it hit low dozen in a row while I was betting the other two. The odds of this happening are
    .000354% or 1 in 282,485, This is terrible that a Casino has to resort to these tricks. If they can not make money on a fair game like they do in a real land based Casino like the Borgata and Harrahs then they have no business having the game and fleecing people who should not be gambling in the first place. I have learned my lesson. I have played the same way with both red/black and the dozens at real Casinos and on Roulette games that I have purchased and have not found them to act like the Online game. In fact, if you play the Demo or Fun Mode of the Virgin Rouletee it acts quite differently and you find the results are fair.

    I will no longer give my hard earned cash to these slimy operators that use RNG’s that are like the Slot RNG’s but are rigged against the player so as to only give about an 85% pay out. If I can get in touch with the NJ Gaming Commision, and if they are not crooked and on the take getting paybacks or bribes, I hope they will investigate undercover what the heck is going on with this site and others like it that are licensed in NJ.

  5. David Graham says:

    Update… I had the opportunity to visit a land based casino located in NJ the last two days and see how the land based roulette played compared to my experience over the last couple of years ever since the Online Gaming was allowed in NJ. Well, the numbers and colors coming out were much less going off the deep end compared to when I played online. In fact I was able to walk away with a nice $700 profit from a $200 bankroll that I started with. I guarantee you that I could not have done as well on the Online Real Money Roulette at this site, or Virgin, or Betfair or Cesars. As I said I have deposited $10, tried a $20 deposit, then tried a $50 deposit, and also $100 deposits and $200 deposits. It seemed like when I would get somewhere between a 85% to 90% up area it was like a switch was thrown and not matter what I would bet I lost. It was defying the mathematics of probability which is why I have given up on the Online Casinos as I no longer trust them in my State even though they claim they have been certified fair. I was a high level executive for company years ago and I know that we said one thing to people in public and said and planned much different things at meetings behind closed doors. Sad that this country has fallen so low that they can not even be fair to people who want to gamble Online.

    Bottom line, do it at your own risk and be very frugal with your bankroll until you are sure the site you are at is truly fair and honest. Sometime you will lose and sometime you will win, but not all the time you should end up losing at the same point percentage wise. Good luck.

  6. Stop FOBTs says:

    Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, Betfred, Jenningbet etc are all rigged. Those FOBTs are just money printing machines for the bookies. Should be made illegal. Labour really screwed up by allowing them.

  7. helanstark says:

    I am very delighted to offer you my informational online Casino website. this website is to provide information services to all the casino fans who would like to know more about the world of online Casino gaming. At this website, the players can read about the reviews of different casinos, learn about the latest bonuses, the new online casinos that are about to be launched as well as how to play the Casino games.

  8. Andy says:

    Can anyone tell me hand on heart if sky vegas plays exactly the same in free and real play modes. Thanks.

  9. Steve says:

    to be honest I’ve been playing skyvegas lows stakes roulette for a number of years and I’m still not sure what’s going on,as there’s is definitely something not right.
    You won’t believe the amount of times I’ve won,I can win all the time,but suddenly something changes and I lose it all.i can’t get my head around it.
    Sorry I can’t be more helpfull
    Ps I think on fun mode it plays the same as real money mode.
    The only difference is with fun mode we take more risks and therefor win more.
    That’s my understanding anyway.

  10. Automated Tester says:

    I have been running automated statistical tests on a few roulette games by well known bookmakers and they all are powered by a known engine starting with P. For the test of each session, I do record more than last 1000 winning numbers, in play mode and real money. Hence this is a mathematically finding instead of just impression.

    The findings are quite shocking in my view.

    For each of the game in play mode, the probability is fairly even between small, large, odd, even, etc. Not many of freak combinations such as 3 same number in last 10 spins, 5 in 20 spins etc.

    However when switch over to real mode where you bet with the real money, my automated test has becomes unexpectedly expensive. At the start of the game it seems the distribution of winning numbers are fairly similar to the play mode, but only for a while or after a few games. The statistical result has skewed unexpectedly higher on large number if you keep betting on small number or vice versa. Similar findings were found for black / red and even/odd bettings. Same number sequence also started popping out alot more often and 3 same number in last 10 spins or 5 in last 20 spins becomes much more mathematically frequent. One would think this maybe a coincidence but it troubled me a lot as I have tried the automated tests on a few online casinos hosted by very reputable highstreet bookmakers and shockingly these findings are consistent.

    I will leave the reader with your own conclusion of this finding.
    Personally I think there exist an initial duration where it allows fairer chances of winning but when that stage has passed, it becomes “harder to win” and the player may start to chase the losses but as they would now be confidence by the earlier winning period that they can and will win again (or eventually), hence spending even more to chase the losses.

    And yes, the tests were very expensive to run but its convincingly enough for me stay away from any online casino for the foreseeable future.

  11. AMIT ADUKIA says:

    My Greetings.
    It seems Gambling Commissions’s personnel are just enjoying their salaries and let these looters loot innocent people’s money.

    Well i am really confused, and wondering in what way so called watchdog Gaming Regulatory team members makes stringent test for Online software based games and provide ‘A’ certificate and let those Lousy and Fraudsters to Loot Innocent People’s hard earned money.
    Online software based Casinos itself Means Rigged and no 2nd doubt, there is no so called genuine RNG. Do you people understand that..

    I have been roulette player in Casinos on Land based and Online since last 20 years, and i can tell all online and Electronic casinos(Futura,Alfastreet etc:) are Rigged and they are there just to loot people’s hard earned money by Cheat/Rigged games.
    Just a live dealer roulette is genuine though croupiers even have control to get with non bet or low bet numbers but not hit hard like software based because software based games are not real and never could be, those are rather just a slot machines with Manipulative rigged Algorithm
    Online Casinos worldwide should be banned with immediate effect.

    As my game being Blackjack and Roulette i have played 1000’s of times and found All those software are programmed for looting innocent peoples hard earned money and add up with casinos bank account only.

    It is very simple to test the genuineness of the software,, no need to make 1000’s of spins. Just keep betting on same outside bet Lets say Red or Black or any Column Dozen or Row only or with selecting with few bunch of same numbers… and keep adding/doubling it on loosing,,, for first 7-10 spins within it will bring the winnings and gradually it will extend the loosing for more than 10-15 spins and more and by then the chips will get with a huge pile of bets and eventually balance will get drain …
    same way can try covering 24 numbers and leave 13 numbers blank, and u see after few spins when bets are kept with doubling will start show up with only blank numbers. Because the rigged Algorithm keep calculating the way bets are placed.

    That’s simple,, because its not a Human croupier spinning it is rather a Programmed/Robot and it will calculate to ensure to hit hard the players’s bet amount because it is programmed so.

    And same tactics with every single gaming software because software cannot be programmed without manipulation, it has to be programmed with manipulations only, for instance: with the code embedded like ‘if found repeated bets or winning in a row, not to show up those numbers till the client’s balance is low’.

    I think you must have got my point and conclusion.

    software, Play tech, Micro gaming, NENT and others and the result is Rigged with more or less same.

    I wonder what’s your Team’s conclusion,reaction and decision will be.

    Regards !!

    • ben says:

      I don’t think they are. Why rig something when you are going to win anyway? Why risk it?

      The games are certified by 3rd parties so even if you could find a software provider to give you rigged games, you’d need to buy off someone who certifies the payout. Its not easy.

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